Almost all of my family has some sort of medical background. I, however am going for a degree in communications. I have always enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t till my senior year in high school that I truly understood why. My senior year of high school changed me in a way I never thought possible. My English teacher gave me a prompt that in my twelve years of school, I had never seen. The prompt “write whatever you want in 5 pages or more.” The prompt just kick started my writing and gave me a path in my life that I had not known.  I ended up writing an eight page story of what I could only describe as gods of the universe story. I had a blast writing it. This later would return to me as I was sitting in my science major biology class. An epiphany hit me as the professor went on about the anatomy of the cell and others things that are taught back in high school. I sat there just staring at the wall as my brain and I debated on what the next step should be. We finally settled on switching my major to art instead of science, and began looking into careers in writing.



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